Statistics and meaning of name Akos

Usage: 90% firstname, 10% surname.
Akos first name was found 2496 times in 33 different countries.
Surname Akos is used at least 247 times in at least 17 countries.
Gender of firstname Akos is 0% feminine and 100% masculine.
Name written with Chinese letters: 阿科什 (pinyin: ā kē shén)

      Surname Akos
Given names
Zoltan Akos (8)
Jozsef Akos (3)
Andrasne Akos (3)
Regula Akos (2)
Sandorne Akos (2)
Csilla Akos (2)
Erzsebet Akos (2)
Judit Akos (2)
Istvanne Akos (2)
Tibor Akos (2)
Ladislau Akos (2)
Miklos Akos (1)
Pal Akos (1)
Mihalyne Akos (1)
Katalin Akos (1)
Palne Akos (1)
Lajos Akos (1)
Laszlo Akos (1)
Laszlone Akos (1)
Levente Akos (1)
Tamasne Akos (1)
Roland Akos (1)
Dennis Akos (1)
Elisabeth Akos (1)
Alfons Akos (1)
Kamensky Akos (1)
Sergey Akos (1)
Sinka Akos (1)
Zsuzsa Akos (1)
Janos Akos (1)
Tamas Akos (1)
Tiborne Akos (1)
Vince Akos (1)
Zsoltne Akos (1)
Zsolt Akos (1)
Renata Akos (1)
Gyorgy Akos (1)
Phyllis Akos (1)
Peter Akos (1)
Pidl Akos (1)
Rajnai Akos (1)
Szizbulk Akos (1)
Szabo Akos (1)
Nana Akos (1)
Kiricsi Akos (1)
Mihai Akos (1)
Ludovic Akos (1)
Belovai Akos (1)
Gyorfi Akos (1)
Hollas Akos (1)
Tatar Akos (1)
Vadasz Akos (1)
Eniko Akos (1)
Elek Akos (1)
Eva Akos (1)
Ferenc Akos (1)
Ildiko Akos (1)
Bettina Akos (1)
Antal Akos (1)
Comfort Akos (1)
Wendy Akos (1)
Ajtonyne Akos (1)
Andras Akos (1)
Anna Akos (1)
Istvan Akos (1)

Given name Akos
Family names
Akos Nagy (49)
Akos Kovacs (46)
Akos Szabo (45)
Akos Horvath (42)
Akos Molnar (26)
Akos Toth (22)
Akos Kiss (22)
Akos Varga (20)
Akos Nemeth (14)
Akos Balazs (13)
Akos Balint (10)
Akos Takacs (10)
Akos Fulop (9)
Akos Pinter (9)
Akos Balogh (9)
Akos Farkas (9)
Akos Meszaros (8)
Akos Fekete (8)
Akos Torok (8)
Akos Papp (7)
Akos Feher (7)
Akos Voros (7)
Akos Fodor (7)
Akos Juhasz (7)
Akos Sebestyen (6)
Akos Sipos (6)
Akos Sandor (6)
Akos Illes (6)
Akos Szekeres (6)
Akos Szekely (6)
Akos Miklos (6)
Akos Veres (6)
Akos Halasz (6)
Akos Kelemen (6)
Akos Sallai (6)
Akos Both (5)
Akos Balog (5)
Akos Somogyi (5)
Akos Vajda (5)
Akos Szasz (5)
Akos Orban (5)
Akos Varadi (5)
Akos Molnos (5)
Akos Kertesz (5)
Akos Hegedus (5)
Akos Simon (5)
Akos Hajdu (5)
Akos Peter (5)
Akos Tatar (5)
Akos Gulyas (5)
Akos Laszlo (5)
Akos Arnold (4)
Akos Kis (4)
Akos Fabian (4)
Akos Lovasz (4)
Akos Hollo (4)
Akos Szilagyi (4)
Akos Szakacs (4)
Akos Biro (4)
Akos Szente (4)
Akos Gonda (4)
Akos Hegyi (4)
Akos Szalay (4)
Akos Dobos (4)
Akos Huszar (4)
Akos Tasnadi (4)
Akos Zsoter (4)
Akos Pakot (4)
Akos Olah (4)
Akos Kaszas (4)
Akos Farago (4)
Akos Derzsi (4)
Akos Somos (4)
Akos Kerekes (4)
Akos Balazsi (4)
Akos Kovecsi (4)
Akos Baranyai (4)
Akos Bokor (4)
Akos Gyorgy (4)
Akos Sukosd (4)
Akos Szucs (4)
Akos Berecz (3)
Akos Peto (3)
Akos Kovac (3)
Akos Sasvari (3)
Akos Schmidt (3)
Akos Bartha (3)
Akos Deli (3)
Akos Eros (3)
Akos Radnai (3)
Akos Zold (3)
Akos Maros (3)
Akos Vitez (3)
Akos Kovats (3)
Akos Csizmadia (3)
Akos Hodi (3)
Akos Lantos (3)
Akos Kozari (3)
Akos Szalai (3)
Akos Botos (3)
Akos Urban (3)
Akos Szakaly (3)
Akos Mihaly (3)
Akos Borbas (3)
Akos Bakos (3)
Akos Mester (3)
Akos Barabas (3)
Akos Barta (3)
Akos Venczel (3)
Akos Lenart (3)
Akos Bencze (3)
Akos Bertalan (3)
Akos Kormendy (3)
Akos Tamasi (3)
Akos Kurucz (3)
Akos Tofalvi (3)
Akos Cseh (3)
Akos Kun (3)
Akos Ligeti (3)
Akos Turi (3)
Akos Major (3)
Akos Tomsich (3)
Akos Bajcsi (3)
Akos Koos (3)
Akos Gaspar (3)
Akos Telegdi (3)
Akos Tot (3)
Akos Orosz (3)
Akos Boros (3)
Akos Jakab (3)
Akos Szoke (3)
Akos Ladanyi (3)
Akos Bodnar (3)
Akos Semsey (3)
Akos Bognar (3)
Akos Nyilassy (3)
Akos Raduly (3)
Akos Sule (2)
Akos Soos (2)
Akos Baranyi (2)
Akos Tomory (2)
Akos Steidl (2)
Akos Tompa (2)
Akos Toszegi (2)
Akos Uhrin (2)
Akos Skolnik (2)
Akos Ujhazi (2)
Akos Bohus (2)
Akos Soltesz (2)
Akos Szijjarto (2)
Akos Szabados (2)
Akos Tottosi (2)
Akos Szigeti (2)
Akos Banyasz (2)
Akos Csoka (2)
Akos Berta (2)
Akos Bernath (2)
Akos Szanto (2)
Akos Cserhati (2)
Akos Szarvas (2)
Akos Cseka (2)
Akos Sztanojev (2)
Akos Csanyi (2)
Akos Csatari (2)
Akos Szendrei (2)
Akos Takach (2)
Akos Lehoczky (2)
Akos Csiszar (2)
Akos Szeroczei (2)
Akos Teleki (2)
Akos Bihari (2)
Akos Szerencses (2)
Akos Szots (2)
Akos Cseri (2)
Akos Szilvasi (2)
Akos Bereczky (2)
Akos Benko (2)
Akos Bordas (2)
Akos Pulai (2)
Akos Nanasi (2)
Akos Jordan (2)
Akos Joo (2)
Akos Kallai (2)
Akos Moro (2)
Akos Katona (2)
Akos Katai (2)
Akos Moldovan (2)
Akos Nemes (2)
Akos Jarjabka (2)
Akos Padar (2)
Akos Hidasi (2)
Akos Pap (2)
Akos Osvath (2)
Akos Orsos (2)
Akos Nonn (2)
Akos Ivanyi (2)
Akos Horthy (2)
Akos Kelenyi (2)
Akos Kemenes (2)
Akos Kollar (2)

Surname Akos in Hungary   Surname Akos in USA   

Akos reversed is Soka
Name contains 4 letters - 50.00% vowels and 50.00% consonants.

Anagrams: Akso Aoks Kosa Saok Asok Soka Skoa Koas
Misspells: Okos Akoss Akosa Aoks Akso

Rhymes: geckos gingkos wackos stuccoes stuccos anos undoes hellos

Meaning of this name is unknown.

Akos Santa says: The the meaning of the name Akos is "white hawk" and it originates from the Turkish language.
Akos Kiricsi says: Names day in the calendar: February 27 Name days not in calendar: January 2 March 31 June 22 Meaning of the name: White Hawk, White Falcon Name Origin: Turkish origin, Hungarian name Ákos [1] is an old Hungarian male name in the form of original ancestors ak kuş which is the equivalent of Greek Achatius (ancient Greek: Ὰκάκιος means innocent, not evil; where Greek origin: Ὰ [no] + kakḗ (κακή) or poop (κᾰκός) [κᾰκός] [ bad, worthless, useless, ugly, horrible]). Ak kuş is a "white bird" (where Turkish (kuş): bird; Persian (quš): hawk) [2]. аҡҡош means swan, another option is prototype * akɨš. Prevalence and frequency The first known occurrence of the name appears with the history of the Roman captain of Acacius, Agathius, Achatius, who became a Christian in history, and then suffered martyrdom in 311, under Maximian. [3] In the Hungarian Latin-language registers and other censuses, the name was "Achatius" [4] but in some Hungarian-language texts of the Reformation period, it also appeared as "Akats" [5]. In Hungary, the oldest trace of the Ákos name is from 1136 according to the Thuróczi chronicle, by the Ákos genus, whose monastery and four-tower Romanian basilica stood at Ákos on the Szilágy County. The name of the village changed from Akosmonostora (Akusmonustora) with its abbreviation. The name of Ákos's chief was worn by many until the end of the 14th century, but with the spread of Christian names, this ancient name was completely forgotten for a while. From the 17th century he appeared again as the name of the Prince of Transcarpathia, but in the Barcsay family there were two. Péter Bod, an 18th-century preacher, drew attention to the name (along with many others), and has become one of the most fashionable Hungarian names today [6]. In 1967, only 201 were given this name, but in the 1980s it was more than two thousand and so was the 34th most popular name. [6] It is a very common name in the 1990s [7] [8]. In the 2000s, 20-30 most commonly given male name, the 23rd most popular at the beginning of 2010 [9]. For the total population in the 2000s, 45th place, 42-43 in the early 2010s. he was in the place. The popularity of the name is increasing [10]. Name Analysis: The Ákos name supports the development of a personality who is searching for the mystery of life and nature. Try to spend more time outdoors. Because it is difficult to express itself, it may sometimes look rough or too enthusiastic. Although very fragile, few people know it because they are trying to conceal their emotions. This feature makes it difficult to get close to others, but it is very much desired. You should be in an area that provides work outside, in the garden, on land, in the park, in the wilderness or on the back of the mountains. nicknames: Ákoska, Áki

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