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Celida about Celida » Quisiera saber como son realmente las personas con este nombre

Thomas Kruser about Kruser » There is a branch of Kruser family in southernmost Brazil, based in a former German colony. They mostly spell it "Krusser", like the Russian branch. I am looking for the ethnic heritage from the Kruser family, and combining the branches I believe it's mostly germanic/slavic phenotype.

Markus Martinides about Martinides » Vorfahren die aus Kreta mit dem Namen Martinidis zuerst nach Österreich (Wien) ausgewandert sind und dann den Namen auf Martinides durch geänderte Schreibweise angepasst haben.

Elmark about Elmark » Its original meaning is "the chosen one"

Pimpit about Pimpit » My name suppose to pronounce as Pimphich,but I choose (to be cool) as Pim-pit. I was born in Thailand Pim mean print,copy pit(phich) mean wise person :)

Julia Dallorso about Dallorso » derived from Dall'Orso meaning From/Of Bear

ERUBE about Erube » Soy Ecuatoriano de 47 años. mi progenitor dijo que me dio ese nombre por una telenovela que veía antes de nacer...gracias

Hamburg about Hamburg » Merchants from small country places in north Germany who sells their goods in Hamburg in early years were also called Hamburg

Thomas Roik about Roik » weitere Autoren : Michael Roik, Alois Roik Namensbedeutung : Truppe, Gruppe oder Schwarm (i.S.v.mehreren Tieren)

Kuttesch Christina about Kuttesch » Namensabstammung: Kutscher

Junayd about Soobratty » Warrior, Soldier

Ursula Kundert about Kundert » Autorinnen und Autoren: Fridolin Kundert, Hans Kundert, Johannes Georg Kundert, John Kundert-Gibbs, Kenneth S. Kundert, Matthias Kundert, Lukas Kundert, Ursula Kundert, Werner Kundert

Ridella about Ridella » Origins of this name is from the italian area included among the cities of Genoa, Alessandria and Piacenza

Marie about Scheiba » allo. Meine Nachforschungen haben ergeben, dass dieser Nachname aus Polen stammt. Um genau zu sein, war es einst eine Stadt oder eine Gemeinde im heutigen Kreis Lauban (Polen). Hier der Link, der meine Mutmaßung unterstützt:

Charaya about Charaya » My name means friend of God. It is a variation of Sharayah, which is Hebrew. Most popular in the US around 1987 after an Amy Grant song was released called Sharayah.

Stuart William Edward Bazley about Bazley » According to Somerset House in London There are only 4 registered families with the Surname Bazley. They intermarried with the French in the 1700s Their Family Crest shows a Bee and the Fleur De Lis and the Family Motto was "Consider The End" I was told there was a Bazley Manor in the UK which was converted to a Hospital for youngsters who suffered head injuries.

Leena about Esa » What is the origin of name Leena?

Jan about Uprimny » Pues el significado sí que es conocido. La palabra es un adjetivo checo que significa "sincero".

Trimoulet about Trimoulet » Un "trimoulet" en prononçant "ette" serait en langue d'oc un petit tremble (l'arbre) d'après mon père originaire de Périgueux

Alexis Boissonnade about Boissonnade » Le meilleurgraphiste/illustrateur de France, disponible et motivé, c'est un artiste Montpellierain bilingue jeune et dynamique, voir en marche, qui saura satisfaire vos attentes en terme d'identité visuelle

Genschow Karin about Genschow » Ursprünglich nördliches Mecklenburg Vorpommern ca.1720 Jahr geboren Christoph Genschow dann nach Schwante ins Havelland gegangen dort auf einem Hof eingeheiratet

Salar about Salar » In het koerdische betekent commandant. Is een leuke naam word ook allen voor mannen gebruikt.

Maryse Lageyre about Lageyre » Mon mari Michel Lageyre me disait que LAGEYRE signifiait"petite mare"

Canler about Canler » From a Small village in the North Of France

Floriano Zappettini about Zappettini » Name coming from Italy, Genoa region

malaz about Malaz » this is an arabic name that means safe haven

Engelhaupt about Engelhaupt » The names born in germany

Kacem about Jedd » Ich habe mein Sohn den vorname Jedd gegeben (aus dem Arabisch heisst es Jedd die absolute oder die Vollkommene wartet echtheit

Alissa Marshall about Horizon » J'aimerais plus savoir de signification pour le new horizons pour mon cours de science

Rita Lazaruk about Lazaruk » This name pertains to Lazarus in the Bible; the man that Christ brought back from the dead, as a miracle.

Joachim Gnoyke about Gnoyke » further Misspells: Gnoycke, Gnoÿke, Gnoÿcke. Gnoyek doesn't belong in this collection.

Banyai Florin about Banyai » I,m from Romania (Transilvania) and I,m from a mixt famyli father Hungarian from Transilvania and mom Romanian from Moldavian region

Nadine Ooghe about Ooghe » "Ooghe" is daar, werd geroepen, als men bespied werd door bv een boswachter of douanier.

bob carini about Carini » surname; Carini on corresponding page the 2 barcharts maps do not match


Jitschak Nager about Nager » this is very interesting. We are Family Nager, my father was born in Berlin. He had a brother and sister. There are many Nagers .. all Jewish, but not listed on your research.

Joyleen Njock Otun Bernard about Otun » Otun is also born by the Ejagham people of South West Cameroon and South Nigeria. It may mean a funnel. Especially referred to someone who drinks alkohol but doesn’t seam to get drunk.

Brandon Mardesic about Mardesic » I’m from Australia I’m 24 My dads father ivo Mardesic is from vis and visits regularly

Norbert Dejlich about Dejlich » W polsce powino być ok. 24 Dejlich.

Eloi Jossa about Jossa » JOSSA means in finnish language: where. Example: this is the place WHERE my car stood before. Means an exact place, IS NOT AVAILAIBLE AS QUESTION as "where is he?"

Knubel Kurt about Knubel » Herkunft unseres Stammes: 3924 St. Niklaus VS

Quincy about Thot » The term "Thot" is an African American acronym. It stands for, "That hoe over there". It refers to promiscuous women. There's also an offshoot of the term in as well. You can see more here.

Philip Carder about Carder » The name comes from the cottage wool trade. Wool needed to be carded to separate the fibers before spinning. The people doing this were known as CARDERS

Efthymia about Efthymia » The mince a person that is cheerful and likes to say hymns to God

Giancamilli about Giancamilli » Der Name kommt aus der italienischer Region Marche

mecca about Demaurex » ma grand mère maternelle s'appelait fernande DEMAUREX

lazab about Lazab » Celibataire en arab origine algerien

Ran about Ran » Ran is a viking Kingøj

Moritz about Brunotte » According to a Berlin based Linguist, Brunotte is a composition of the two old German names "Bruno" and "Otto".

Ore about Adetunji » The crown has woken again

Douglas about Alcott » The SurnameDB gives another possible derivation of the name, relating it to the name "Allcock". My branch of the family, who left the original English colony at Newtown (now Cambridge) Massacusetts to help found the new colony of Hartford, Conn., changed the spelling of their last name to "Olcott" (for their geneology see

Franz about Eppinger » Il y a une petite ville dans le sud-ouest de l'Allemagne avec le nom EPPINGEN

harsh bundela about Bundela » I am the real warrior

Brusacoram about Brusacoram » Brusacoram means Burnt Leather

Alexander Valdellon about Valdellon » Our family name originate from Paete,Laguna,Philippines.

alex Makarczyk about Makarczyk » Makarczyk = The sons of the Blessed ...Makar=Blessed...CZ= Polish Origin....CZYK =Sons of ...

Masaya Kitani about Kitani » The kanji for this surname means "Tree Valley"

Trina about Igbinosa » I would like to know mire about the surname Igbinosa. Who were the descendents of tbis llast name from nigeria perhaps Edo Benin State. email me any information at Thanks

Trina about Igbinosa » I would like to know mire about the surname Igbinosa. Who were the descendents of tbis llast name from nigeria perhaps Edo Benin State

Anonymous Padwa about Padwa » The name comes from the city of Padua, Italy, where most Jewish Padwas share a common ancestor. The u>v appears to have come from Ellis Island

Eleazar veluz about Veluz » Necesito mas origen de mi apellido

Antje Scheumann about Scheumann » The name could come also from German “schoen“, meaning beautiful or from “shoes“, German “Schuh“. Or even from the word “Scheune“ meaning “barn“. My family branch comes from Kamenz in Saxony. They migrated to Zeitz near Leipzig. Some went on to west Germany just before the wall was built. My parents left east Germany with my sister and me in 1958 and started anew near Frankfurt in Hessia. I've got my family tree from around 1700 and would look forward for an exchange if some other Scheumann in the world would be interested. Some emigrated to Sens in France in the 19th century. Unfortunately I lost track. Does anyone know something about them ?

philip meguire about Meguire » It is almost certainly a variant spelling of the Irish surname Maguire.

Gracijela Putina about Putina » Zaboravili ste da dio gore spomenutog stanovništva ima izvorno još jedno "T",tj. Puttina...

moulet about Moulet » ce nom a la même origine que moudre,moulin et meunier

Helena Gollo about Gollo » Ancestros por parte de padre eran de Piamonte Italia

Matthijs Vossen about Vossen » Ik zou graag meer weten over de herkomst van deze naam (Vossen) de korte uitleg hierboven had ikook al wel bedacht, maar niet dat de roots eventueel in Friesland lagen (Fos). Mijn jongste achterneef heet Fos !! (achternaam; van Son)

Aldo Mario Bellin about Bellin » quiero me incluyan en la búsqueda

Heinrich Schlittler about Schlittler » Der Name Schlittler stammt aus dem Kanton Glarus in der Schweiz, genauer aus Niederurnen, heute Glarus-Nord. Schlittler waren im Mittelalter diejenigen, die im Winter mit grossen Holzschlitten Heu und Holz von der Alp ins Tal brachten. Das Wappen der Familie Schlittler beinhaltet einen Holzschlitten mit einem Stern. Der Stern bedeutet, dass 1444 bei der Schlacht bei St. Jakob an der Birs im Kanton Basel-Land ein Vorfahre ums Leben gekommen ist.

Enayat about Enayat » gute Informationen

Marie Gabastou about Gabastou » it means small river gabas : a river in france tou : small

Szaweł Beniz about Skiba » kótaz fiót beniz ckórfa zberma

Kamilla Eckholdt about Eckholdt » The name Eckholdt means a small oak forrest. The Norwegian part of the family originates from Nedre Eiker (The low Okes) in Buskerud county, from a farm, that today is a center for deaf people. The name was germanized (language of the sophisticated at that time) from Eikholt to Eckholdt.

Nikolaides about Nicolaidis » L'étymologie est 100 % du grec ça vient de Nicolas et idès qui veut dire le fils de Nikola(o)s nicolaos signifie la victoire du peuple Et en grèce il y a des milliers avec ce nom de famille surtout dans le Nord

Benz Kurt about Prause » such wilhelm Prause in Australien

Benz Kurt about Prause » such wilhelm Prause in Australien


Konaré about Konare » Que veut dire Konaré

Nikolaides about Nicolaidis » L'étymologie est 100 % du grec ça vient de Nicolas et idès qui veut dire le fils de Nikola(o)s nicolaos signifie la victoire du peuple Et en grèce il y a des milliers avec ce nom de famille surtout dans le Nord

Pierre about Widlyne » Je veux savoir la signification de Widlyne